Employee Healthcare & Wellness Benefits: A Guide for Indian MSMEs

Employee Healthcare & Wellness Benefits

A Guide for Indian MSMEs

Employee Healthcare & wellness Benefits

When the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak, companies went out of their way to expand their bandwidth of employee healthcare benefits. They did everything possible to move beyond physical wellness to look at employee wellness holistically — covering the social, spiritual and mental health of their people.

The contagion changed the very outlook of employers, pushing them to put the safety and wellness of their employees first. In India, however, the whole concept of employee wellness in SMEs and MSMEs is rather different compared to large and progressive organisations in other parts of the globe, and leaves much to be desired.

This whitepaper by HRKatha in association with Onsurity, a tech-enabled employee healthcare platform, lays out all the major challenges that SMEs and MSMEs in India face, while providing hygienic employee-wellness benefits to their staff and associates. What prevents them from creating a great employee experience for their workforce? Experts featured in the whitepaper talk about some practical solutions to overcome the various hurdles, along with interesting case studies.

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