Citigroup fires banker for praising Hitler

The personal banker’s comment on social media seemed to suggest that Hitler’s mass murder of Jews was the right thing to do


When Nozima Husainova, a personal banker at Citigroup posted a comment that seemed to suggest that Hitler was right in getting rid of Jews during the Holocaust, little did she realise that it would cost her her job.

Her statement in response to a Gaza bombing-related post, “No wonder why Hitler wanted to get rid of them all,” accompanied by a smiley, led to her termination.

Husainova’s post led to controversy as it doubted the ethics of Israel and clearly approved of Hitler’s actions.

Many social-media users who were aware that Husainova had attended Brooklyn College where Jews have a strong presence amongst the faculty and students were rather surprised by her insensitive and “disgraceful” comments.

Even though she removed the post quickly, Citigroup issued a response clearly stating that it condemns hate speech and anything that goes against Semitic emotions. Via a statement on X, the bank emphasised how it does not tolerate anyone who disrespects its policies and that it had terminated Husainova’s employment for this very reason.

Her termination earned much appreciation for Citi, especially from StopAntisemitism, which even went ahead and thanked the Citigroup for “saying NO! to antisemitism”. Others on social media acknowledged that Citi had “done the right thing” and appreciated the quick and prompt action.

Very recently, Bill Ackman, billionaire hedge-fund manager and CEO, Pershing Square Capital Management, openly disapproved of certain students from Harvard University who made statements blaming Israel for the for the Hamas’ attack. Ackman saw these statements as an act of condoning terrorism and said the involved students should not be given corporate jobs.

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