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What you have been reading on HRKatha is journalism and not a blogging platform for industry practitioners and that separates us from competition.

We publish news that’s current, topical, and relevant for the business, especially in these challenging times. The features that we write needs a lot of brain racking, research and analysis. This involves hard work and diligence of our editorial team and it reflects in the news and trends updates we provide through the day, including the immensely popular – the morning newsletter.

Like most sectors, the Covid-19 crisis coupled with the lockdown has hit us badly. However, that’s hasn’t stopped us in any way from bringing the latest news to your table. Our reporters and technology teams are working even harder to provide the fresh developments every single day.

We have always believed that news or any form of content should be free for all. In these times, you cannot lockdown and confine information. It must flow! And, our core involves  bringing authenticate information to our readers.

However, the economic reality is also a harsh truth we are all confronting. To continue serve the true spirit of journalism, we need your support.

We receive a great deal of appreciation for the content we create, every single day and we are thankful for all the good words you have for us. Industry professionals like you have shared candidly that HRKatha stimulates their power of thinking and problem solving.

Words are encouraging, however, to continue the spark, we need you to contribute towards good journalism. This small contribution of will help us keep afloat and continue providing best-in-class content.

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What is the money going to be used for?

We will be using the proceeds from this programme towards producing and bringing you in-depth reportage, research and trends from the industry for all employers and employees. It will help us increase the robustness of our coverage.