20 lakh jobs to be created as part of Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission

The objective of the Kerala government is to help those who have returned to Kerala post losing jobs abroad during the pandemic, and those who are job ready yet unable to find jobs in the State


The Government of Kerala is taking measures as part of the Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission, to create 20 lakh jobs by 2026. It is gearing up to establish a Digital Workforce Management System (DWMS), a platform that will connect employers, job seekers and trainers. The new job platform will be set up with the help of various international agencies, and the project is expected to cost Rs 6,000 crore.

The plan is to cover returnees from abroad who have lost their jobs there, as well as those who have completed their studies, are job ready but have failed find suitable jobs, and also school dropouts. It will provide options to job seekers to work from home or work near home. It will also introduce various skill training programmes for teachers.
The Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission, which was launched by the Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council recently, aims to ensure proper utilisation of human capital. Its objective is to equip students with skills in higher education institutions so that they are able to adapt to the changing times. As part of the Mission, the state government hopes to increase the representation of the tribal communities in higher education.

The Mission has tried to consult with and involve representatives from across sectors and the business and academic fraternity, along with the Digital University, Kerala Startup Mission and ICT Academy to accomplish its goals.


  1. Good initative
    Hoping that the proposed knowledge economy may be helpful to increase the production of all the agricultural & industrial products needed to Keralites.
    It may helps to improve all type of Infrastructural fecilities of Kerala.
    Characterizing the properties of materials
    ( all type ) available in our state is essential for the development of our State.

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