Amazon trims jobs in pharmacy unit

A total of 80 employees were affected this time including pharmacy technicians and team leads


In a recent round of layoffs, Amazon has terminated several employees in its pharmacy division. The decision comes as the e-commerce giant is striving to enhance its operations, while also maintaining the quality and efficiency and seeking ways to enhance customer’s experience. 

Talking to a media site, one spokesperson from Amazon confirmed that the company has let go of a limited number of staff members in the pharmacy unit. As per the count, a total of 80 employees were affected this time, consisting of pharmacy technicians and team leads.  

Furthermore, it was cited that the company has made decisions to reallocate resources across the units, resulting in the terminations of a few positions within the Amazon Pharmacy Services team. However, registered pharmacists were largely unaffected.

Launched in 2020, the Amazon Pharmacy division has experienced several rounds of layoffs. In January, Amazon terminated program managers, risk compliance managers, and billing managers as part of a larger downsizing effort that affected 18,000 positions across the company. 

According to Andy Jassy, CEO, Amazon, the company faced its largest workforce reduction this year, resulting in a total of 18,000 job cuts. Furthermore, an additional 9,000 employees were laid off subsequently. In May, it was disclosed that Amazon let go of 500 employees in various roles and departments in India, including those in Amazon Web Services (AWS), human resources, and support functions.

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