Another round of layoffs at Wells Fargo?

The bank began reducing its workforce in Q3 2020, leading to a cut of almost 40,000 employees


In a bid to enhance overall efficiency, Wells Fargo, the financial services company, might be considering a workforce reduction in the coming months.

As per one of its top executives, the bank has been trimming its team since the third quarter of 2020, resulting in a reduction of nearly 40,000 employees. Now it is reported that more reductions may be in the offing.

Till now, the bank has reduced its overall count in various services such as mortgage operations, and the commercial real-estate sector, where it was facing a lot of challenges. By the time the June quarter ended, Wells Fargo’s employee count stood at 233,834, a decrease from 243,674 in the second quarter of the previous year.

While there is noticeable strain in the office real estate sector, media reports suggest that the bank’s other portfolios are delivering strong performance. Additionally, there may be some continued challenges in the commercial real-estate (CRE) portfolio, but it is not expected to reach the same level as in previous quarters.

Rising financing costs are becoming a significant concern for banks, particularly for properties that have mostly been vacated as employees choose to work remotely. Similarly, San-Francisco is currently constrained by an asset cap, which means it cannot expand until regulators are satisfied that it has resolved issues pertaining to a fake accounts scandal. Additionally, the bank is subject to nine ongoing consent orders from banking regulators, which necessitate increased scrutiny of its operations.

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