Bacardi to give free training to underrepresented and aspiring mixologists

The company has also started an all-women batch to help kickstart their career in bartending


Bacardi, an alcoholic beverage company, is launching the 2nd edition of the ‘shake your future’ programme in India. It is a two-week free training, where participants will learn bartending skills, improve their knowledge of making drinks, and learn how to present themselves professionally.

This programme aims to help unemployed or not well-represented individuals to start a career in bartending.

The second edition of ‘shake your future’ will cover a variety of subjects like basics of beverage, mixology, style and personal branding, and other complementary subjects such as social media, communication, and industry talks.

The goal of this training is to empower individuals and give them the necessary skills to succeed in this profession. Bacardi believes in being ‘good-spirited’ and prioritises initiatives that benefit people. 

Jonas A, advocacy lead –  Bacardi India & neighbouring countries said, “We are proud to have been a part of their journey and extremely thrilled to be bringing the next batch of the programme to Gurgaon – taking our students on a transformative journey and enabling them to make a fresh beginning in life.”

In the previous edition of the programme, all the participants were hired by respected bars and restaurants in five-star hotels across India.

This programme is not only successful in India but in other countries too. The company has also started a special batch only for women, to encourage them to pursue a career in bartending. The upcoming batch of the programme will have sessions with experts from the industry and Bacardi representatives to provide even more valuable knowledge and guidance.

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