Canada govt paves the way  for healthcare workers to gain PR

The Canadian government is providing permanent residency and medical funds to skilled newcomers in the sector


The government of Canada has initiated some measures to address the shortage of healthcare workers in the country by inviting healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, and optometrists to apply for permanent residency.

The government has already begun the first round of the application process, the category-based selection round, by inviting 500 healthcare experts for work opportunities. The second round of the application process is scheduled for 5 July, 2023 for 1500 workers.

As Canada is dealing with a labour shortage in the healthcare sector, these initiatives will bridge the gap in the workforce. To ease the immigration process for healthcare professionals, they have made certain policy changes in their primary economic immigration programme, express entry.

Other than this, the government has also allowed skilled refugees and displaced individuals who have expertise in the healthcare field to utilise their education and skills under the government’s economic mobility pathways pilot programme. This pilot programme majorly targets nurses and patient service associates.

To further support healthcare professionals, the government has made adjustments to the immigration policies for physicians by providing them with publicly funded medical services in Canada.

The government had also made efforts by funding $90 million in projects which aim at facilitating skilled individuals to gain experience. As a result, it welcomed more than 21,000 skilled newcomers from 2017-2022. 

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