‘Conform or face consequences’: Musk to staff

The company is complying with German authorities to share user info in online hate crime cases


Elon Musk, owner of social- media site ‘X’ (formerly Twitter), has taken a firm stance on the issue of ‘free speech’ for X Corp. employees using the platform.

Musk is now cooperating with requests from authorities in Germany to share more information about users in cases involving online hate crimes. He shared a tweet from X News Daily that mentioned German prosecutors saying that ‘X’ is now better at helping German authorities find users involved in hate speech cases compared to before the acquisition.

In Germany, there are strict laws against hate speech, which includes defaming politicians and promoting white supremacy. X, under Musk’s leadership, has shared significant user data with prosecutors to help them identify individuals who are breaking these laws. This has led to the pursuit of hundreds of new cases related to hate speech in the country.

Musk’s tweet also added that the main rule at the company is to support as much free speech as allowed by the law. He warned that any X Corp. employee not following this rule could find a job at another social-media company that values financial gains more than principles.

After acquiring ‘X,’ Elon Musk has positioned himself as a self-declared champion of free speech on social media, a stance that has drawn criticism from human rights activists. This stance has led to disapproval from human rights activists who were worried that the platform may become a breeding ground for online hate.

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