Apple reminds staff of freedom to discuss salaries, working conditions in public

The Company has reiterated to its employees that they are free to discuss their wage issues and other concerns internally or externally, whichever way they are comfortable


Apple has reminded its employees that they are free to discuss their wage issues, hours of work and working conditions in public platforms as well as internally, whenever they wish to.

The Company has communicated the same to its employees on its internal website. The employees of Apple have been pushing the Company to do more to ensure that there are no unfair pay gaps.

The post, a copy of which was first accessed by Reuters, mentions that Apple doesn’t stop its employees from “speaking freely” about their working culture in the media.

Apple’s business conduct policy has already addressed the matter. It imposes no restrictions on the employees when it comes to discussing wages, hours and working conditions, a right generally protected by the federal law of the US.

While Apple maintains that it encourages staff to raise concerns and issues in whichever manner comfortable to them, internally or externally, employees who have done so in recent times have faced resistance.

Quite recently, a software engineer had taken to Twitter to reveal her intention to quit the Company, because it had prevented pay discussions amongst employees. She had later withdrawn the charge and her lawyer had informed the media that the matter had been settled. Another employee, Janneke Parrish, a programme manager, was fired for employee activism. The two were part of the “#AppleToo” group comprising present and former employees sharing experiences of harassment and discrimination at the Company.

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