Return to office hasn’t been a good experience for Tesla employees

Due to overcrowded spaces, employees are unable to find desks, parking spaces, etc


Recently, Employees at Tesla’s Fremont, Calif, office resumed working from the office full time after a long remote working arrangement.

Since Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla has mandated all employees to work from the office, all teams at its Fremont office arrived to work. However, the return to office experience wasn’t so good.

Many of the employees, who arrived at the Fremont office, found that the parking lots were full and overcrowded. There was not enough space to accommodate all cars. It is reported that many of Tesla’s employees had to park their cars at nearby local transit stations and were later shuttled by Tesla.

After dealing with the car parking challenge, when employees entered the Fremont office building, they found that there were not enough desks for all employees to sit and work.

In fact, managers had to ask some employees to continue work from home till the time they could arrange for enough sitting areas for all employees. The challenges do not end here. Even employees, who managed to find a place to sit, faced challenges with sloppy wifi, which hampered their productivity.

Last month, Musk had communicated to all employees that he wants to see every employee working from the office at least 40 hours in a week. He clearly discouraged remote work and demanded every employee to resume office or else quit.

Musk had high aspirations to restart the full time office work culture, but it seems he was let down by his HR department in giving a smooth experience to employees.

Clearly, the company was not prepared for this. The main reason for this ruckus at the Fremont office was that the headcount doubled to 99,210 people in the last two years.

Tesla has doubled its headcount in the last two years and currently stands at more than 99,000 employees. This increased number of teams at the Fremont office was not accounted for, which resulted in chaos.

Musk has also said that the company has over-hired in the last two years and will be cutting 10 per cent jobs in the coming months.

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