Hexaware Technologies offers 120% variable payout to employees

The company also plans to hire 6,000 employees in 2023.

Hexaware Technologies, a global IT services leader, has introduced an exciting variable payout plan for employees, offering 100 per cent to employees, with the top performers receiving an impressive 120 per cent over two years. This reflects the company’s strong commitment to employee well-being, even during uncertain times.

Recognising how happy employees boost productivity and creativity, Hexaware’s modern compensation approach aligns with its growth-focused decisions. A recent 2023 Brand Finance Report raised Hexaware’s rating to AA, acknowledging a remarkable 66 per cent brand growth in three years.

Unlike companies cutting back on hiring, Hexaware plans to hire 6,000 professionals this year. Thanks to its positive reputation and people-first policies, employee retention has gone up from 68 per cent (2021) to 73 per cent (2022).

Hexaware’s inclusive approach extends to attracting global digital talent through security measures and a welcoming culture. In 2022, Hexaware achieved 25 per cent growth in constant currency, which proves its rapid market expansion. Despite economic ups and downs, Hexaware is confident of being able to maintain growth in 2023.

Vinod Chandran, COO, Hexaware Technologies, emphasised the crucial role of employees, attributing the company’s passion and creativity to the employees success. Despite economic challenges, the organisation recognised employee dedication with a remarkable gesture— over 100 per cent variable pay. Notably, non-KPI variable payouts averaged 103 per cent. Clearly, the company believes in the  transformative power of supporting their team.

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