HP to enhance hybrid work model for employees

According to the company's findings, access to suitable technology is essential for a positive work experience


In order to effectively implement hybrid work model in India and ensure a favourable work experience, HP is providing necessary tools to its IT teams to uphold this emerging work paradigm. As per the company’s insights, having access to appropriate technology is a vital factor for ensuring a favourable work experience.

In a statement to media, Vickram Bedi, senior director (personal systems), HP, India, stated how the business landscape is transformed by hybrid work. Therefore, they expect more flexibility to collaborate and innovate effortlessly, with technology playing a pivotal role in making this possible.

He also pointed out that younger employees, in particular, encounter difficulties with their personal computers or laptops. They often perceive their devices as insufficiently fast or dependable for hybrid meetings, resulting in what’s termed as ‘tech shame’. Moreover, numerous companies are cautious about fully embracing remote work out of concern for potential data breaches and cyber threats.

Hence, it requires a shift in cultural mindset, with an emphasis on results and efficiency rather than the physical presence of the employees. 

Additionally, Bedi highlighted the significance of closing the technological gap among employees, with a special focus on the younger workforce. While numerous organisations furnish laptops and other IT resources solely to mid-level or senior staff, Bedi emphasised that entry-level and junior employees also play a substantial role in driving work, innovation, and creativity. This, in turn, elevates overall productivity within the hybrid work setting.

Furthermore, the company advocates that to allocate resources towards technology infrastructure to facilitate efficient cooperation between remote and on-site staff is crucial. This would ensure  uninterrupted communication and collaborative efforts, while also ensuring a smooth workflow for employees. Moreover, Bedi also advises to enhance the availability of video conferencing solutions and office meeting spaces and empower employees with a comprehensive PC setup, encompassing elements such as monitors, keyboards, and noise-cancelling headphones.

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