Infosys boosts Google Cloud partnership; will train 20,000 on GenAI

Infosys will create Generative AI labs all over the world to build AI solutions and tools for various industries


Expanding its partnership with Google Cloud, Infosys aims to assist businesses in using AI to create better experiences and using the tech in their daily operations. The Indian tech company will train 20,000 people how to use Google Cloud’s gen AI solutions such as Vertex AI and Duet AI in Google Workspace.

The company believes that the training will make sure that organisations have the skilled people and tools they need to successfully create, put into action, and oversee any generative AI project. Furthermore, Infosys will also set up Generative AI Labs worldwide to make AI solutions and tools for different industries.

Additionally, the company is also using its existing tools and solutions, called Infosys Cobalt and Topaz. Some of the products being improved include Infosys Live Enterprise Application, Infosys Customer Intelligence Platform, Infosys Data Streams, and Infosys Supply Chain AI Platform, among others.

The partnership between Infosys and Google Cloud is based on Infosys’ previous experience with data, analytics, and AI on Google Cloud. Moreover, Infosys has been collaborating with Google Cloud to create a set of powerful AI tools and industry-specific solutions for various business situations. These include things such as AI for consumers, self-operating supply chains, smart marketing, preventing financial crimes, and improving customer services.

In a statement to media, Infosys mentioned that they’ve been working with Google Cloud for a while, helping customers change using data analytics and AI. Furthermore, Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud, expressed that generative AI is causing significant shifts in how companies function. Additionally, with the extended collaboration with Infosys, they aim to provide their shared customers with the necessary resources and expertise to utilise generative AI effectively and generate tangible benefits for their businesses.

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