Intel set to let go over 100 employees

The decision comes as a part of company’s cost-saving strategy


Intel is set to let go of 140 employees in the US in an attempt to cut costs after experiencing losses in the past. As per media reports, the American chip-making company will cut 89 positions in Folsom and 51 in San Jose, by the end of this month. 

The layoffs will impact a range of roles in engineering and software. These include 10 experts in GPU software, eight engineers specialising in system software development, six cloud software engineers, six engineers in product marketing and six professionals in system-on-chip design. 

The company is currently going through money crunch and these job cuts are part of its strategy to combat economic difficulties and safeguard primary investments. It is actively seeking ways to enhance efficiency and reduce costs through various initiatives which include targeted reductions in the workforce within specific areas of the company. 

Despite these measures, the company acknowledges the challenging nature of these decisions and expresses a strong commitment to treating affected employees with utmost dignity and respect.

Furthermore, Intel is working on maximising the efficient use of office space and contemplating the possibility of merging offices in As per media reports, the aim was to create more dynamic work settings for employees when they are present onsite, all the while attaining cost-effectiveness. 

Therefore, the company intends to lease the office area from the prospective buyers subsequent to finalising the agreement. 

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