Kerala launches ‘Athidhi portal’ to register migrant workers

The user-friendly platform aims to fast-track registration and ensure inclusivity for a safer state environment


Kerala is taking proactive measures to address recent incidents involving migrant workers allegedly committing sexual crimes against children. As a solution-oriented approach, the state is launching the Athidhi portal, a user-friendly web platform aimed at streamlining the registration process for migrant workers.

The primary objective of the Athidhi portal is to fast-track the registration of ‘guest workers’ and ensure that no one is left out. Officials are even considering the establishment of help desks at railway stations to facilitate the registration process for the large number of guest workers arriving in the state.

The portal offers a comprehensive and inclusive solution, allowing contractors, employers, and individual workers to register easily. The details entered in the portal will be carefully examined by the enrolling officer, who will issue a unique ID for each worker.

Moreover, the portal will serve as a centralised platform to collect and manage information about workers, ensuring they have access to essential social security benefits.

This move demonstrates the government’s commitment to safeguarding the safety and well-being of all residents, including migrant workers. By leveraging technology and innovative solutions, the state aims to create a safer and more inclusive environment.

Scheduled for a statewide launch on August 7, the Athidhi portal represents a significant step forward in addressing safety concerns surrounding migrant workers.

Kerala’s proactive approach is further evidenced by its efforts to identify and enrol all unregistered workers under the Awas health insurance scheme.

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