Meta rehires staff after mass layoffs; tries to boost morale

The company is bringing back the fun for its workers, including dinners and fun hours


In an effort to boost employee morale Meta has now reinstated some of its previously eliminated perks. Following a challenging year marked by extensive layoffs, Meta has initiated the rehiring of employees who were earlier terminated in the last one year.

As reported by Bloomberg, an employee mentioned that the company has placed orders for branded T-shirts for its workforce, which is viewed as an encouraging indicator of the company’s performance. Furthermore, to encourage employees to work from the office at least three days a week, various vendors have been engaged to set up stalls and offer interesting food options.

Most of the restaurants at the California office have resumed operations. Dinner service now starts at 6 pm, which is earlier than the previous schedule. Additionally, services such as laundry and haircuts, as well as Thursday happy hours, have been resumed for employees.  Dinners and fun hours, which were suspended as part of cost-cutting measures and due to the pandemic, are also back.

Snack stocks are being replenished too. The fridge will once again contain  stocks of popular drinks, especially La Croix fruit-flavoured sparkling waters.

However, not all amenities have been reinstated. For instance, laundry is not free any more.

Earlier this month, the employees were formally notified of the ‘three days in office’ mandate through an email sent by the human resources department. The tech giant reportedly informed its workforce that failure to adhere to this mandate could lead to job termination.

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