Meta staff risk job loss if attendance inadequate in office

The requirement pertains exclusively to Meta employees who have been designated to work from a physical office


Meta has recently notified its employees that failure to meet in-officeattendance obligations may result in termination of employment. The parent company for platforms like Facebook, Meta, Instagram, Trends previously disclosed this mandatory three-day in-office attendance policy to its staff.

Consistent with the organisation’s guidelines, recurrent breaches of these requirements can lead to disciplinary measures, such as a decrease in performance ratings or potential job termination, as outlined in the media report.

Recently, the company issued a directive to some employees asking them to come to office for a minimum of three days. It was aimed to promote positive interpersonal connections and effective teamwork, as per media reports. Additionally, a mail sent by Lori Goler, head of people, Meta, reminded staff to follow the directive from 5 September,  to allocate a minimum of three days per week for in-person working.

To keep a close check on the attendance, the supervisors have been asked to periodically assess badge and Status Tool data on a monthly basis and address those who haven’t fulfilled the stipulated criteria.

The requirement of physical presence in office for at least three days pertains exclusively to Meta employees who have been designated to work from a physical office. Additionally, remote workers have been advised to limit their office visits to a maximum of four days within a two-month span, unless there exists a distinct business rationale for doing so.

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