Ministry of labour registers 17.9 lakh employees under ESIC

The data also highlights the enrolment of 3.53 lakh female and 63 transgender employees under the ESIC


The ministry of labour has released the provisional payroll data for the employees’ state insurance corporation (ESIC) for April 2023, revealing a significant addition of 17.88 lakh new employees. 

In April 2023, approximately 30,249 individuals were newly registered and included within the social security coverage of employees’ state insurance corporation. 

ESIC provides support to registered employees in case of disability, maternity issues, illness, and death due to employment injuries. It also gives medical support to insured employees.

According to this payroll data 47 per cent, which accounts for 8.37 lakh individuals of the newly registered employees, are under the age of 25 which indicates growth in youth job opportunities.

3.53 lakh female and 63 transgender employees were enrolled under the ESIC which highlights its efforts to provide social security benefits to a diverse range of employees. 

The payroll data is provisional because it is an ongoing process of data generation. This continuous monitoring allows policymakers to make informed decisions regarding employment trends and social security coverage.

The addition of 17.88 lakh new employees in April 2023 under the ESIC shows growth in employment opportunities and social security coverage in different sectors. The employment of young individuals and enrolment of females and transgender employees reflects the commitment of ESIC towards providing a diverse and inclusive work environment. 

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