Nomad Health reduces its workforce

This is the company's second round of staff reductions. The earlier one happened in February, when 17 per cent of employees were laid off


Nomad Health, a platform that connects nurses and other healthcare professionals with job opportunities, announced another round of job cuts. The company confirmed the job cuts in an internal email to employees on 3 October, 2023.

This is the second time the company has reduced its workforce, following recent job cuts in February when it let go of 17 per cent of its employees, primarily impacting its corporate division. The company acknowledged that it had overestimated the demand in the healthcare staffing sector, admitting to being overly optimistic.

In this latest round of job cuts, the company did not disclose the exact number of affected employees. However, according to media reports, the company has cut 25 per cent of its workforce this time, impacting its non-clinical staff. This information is supported by at least eight LinkedIn posts from current and former employees, as reported by Insider.

The company stated that it is currently facing budget deficits, affecting its ability to meet its staffing needs, despite the high demand for contract nurses and allied health professionals. Therefore, the staff reductions were deemed a necessary yet challenging response to these changing demands.

Several healthcare staffing companies have had to lay off employees this year due to rising costs of medicines and medical equipment, which have made it more challenging for hospitals to allocate resources for hiring staff.

For instance, in June, CareRev reduced its corporate staff by one-third, ConnectRN, a company that matches nurses with job opportunities, cut 20 per cent of its staff, and IntelyCare let go of around 30 employees in July.

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