to empower 10,000 women in the workforce

The initiative targets women's financial independence and gender equality through education and employment


With an aim to promote women’s financial independence, has collaborated with Udayan Care, an NGO dedicated to empowering women. The initiative will offer financial assistance to women through the NGO’s Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme.

The programme aims to address the challenges hindering women’s financial independence and promote gender equality through education and employment. It will help them become more self-sufficient financially.

Moreover, the matchmaking platform, aims to provide skills enhancement and leadership training to as many as 10,000 women over the span of five years, for a successful integration of women into the workforce. It will enable women from diverse backgrounds to acquire skills that open doors to various fields and professions, breaking down barriers and creating accessible pathways for them to enter different economic sectors.

The Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme focuses on nurturing agency and social connections among young women. It helps them enhance their self -assurance, communication abilities, social awareness and employability.

Under this programme, the NGO selects promising girls, who have completed their 10th grade, from underprivileged backgrounds and guides them over the next six years until graduation. Furthermore, the participants receive personalised mentoring and engage with a well-designed curriculum featuring 18 modules on life skills and employability training.

Since its launch in 2002, the programme has effectively operated for 21 years, expanding across 34 city chapters in 13 Indian states, benefiting approximately 14,000 young women.

Adhish Zaveri, vice president, marketing,, shared how has consistently aimed to create a significant impact in the arena of gender equality, particularly addressing the issue of women leaving the workforce post-marriage.” He emphasised the pride in partnering with Udayan Care’s Shalini programme, as this collaboration aligns with the platform’s vision of promoting initiatives that offer women livelihood opportunities and prospects.’s dedication is further evident through a compelling campaign named ‘RevolutioNaaris’, which has been launched to shed light on the issue of low female workforce participation rates in India.

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