State announces Diwali Bonus for MCD employees

All the non-gazetted and temporary employees will receive Rs 7,000 as bonus amount for Diwali from the government


The state government announced Diwali bonus on Tuesday, 7 November, 2023, for its employees in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). All the non-gazetted employees in the groups D, C and B will get a bonus of Rs 7,000 as Diwali gift from the government.

MCD employees are categorised into three groups based on their job roles and responsibilities.

Group D comprises the lowest-ranked employees, often engaged in manual and routine tasks such as clerical work, driving and cleaning. Group C employees handle more specialised and clerical duties, including roles such as clerks and junior assistants. Group B employees occupy middle-level administrative positions, overseeing and assuming greater responsibilities, with positions such as assistant officers and engineers falling within this category.

Furthermore, all the temporary employees who are currently working for the civic agency for a minimum of three years will receive a bonus of Rs 1,200. The government also assured MCD employees to not be concerned about anything as they will surely receive the amount.

The decision reflects the government’s wish to assist all employees to manage their festive purchases and encouraging them to buy sweets and new clothing for their children.

Municipal Corporation of Delhi was the prominent civic body responsible for governing and handling administeration of the city of Delhi, India, until it was replaced by the three separate municipal corporations in 2012. It has played a crucial role in urban governance, overseeing functions such as sanitation, public health, education and infrastructure development.

The MCD’s jurisdiction covered various areas of Delhi, divided into several zones. Its responsibilities included maintaining city infrastructure, managing public services, and implementing civic policies to enhance the quality of life for Delhi’s residents.

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