TCS emphasises dress code for return-to-office

In an email to employees, the company stated that dress code makes a favourable impression on global stakeholders


Along with calling employees back to office, TCS, the Indian IT giant has also sent them a reminder to be mindful of their office dress code. In an internal mail to employees, Milind Lakkad, CHRO, TCS, pointed out how dress code makes a favourable impression on global stakeholders.

The dress code provides clear guidelines for appropriate attire during official duties and responsibilities.

Associates are expected to wear formal business attire. Men should wear tucked-in full-sleeved shirts with trousers and women are expected to don business suits.
Additionally, for formal occasions such as seminars, summits and client meetings, business formals are the expected attire. The expectations remain the same from Monday to Thursday.

On Fridays, the dress code is more relaxed, allowing for smart casuals, which comprise options such as half-sleeved shirts, turtlenecks, khakis, chinos, kurtas, and salwar (for women), and so on.

TCS recently announced that 70 per cent of its workforce has already returned to the office, marking a significant departure from the remote and hybrid work arrangements that have been prevalent in recent years.

The e-mail further addressed that calling employees back is the most effective way to assimilate the new employees, who have joined in the past two years and have been working remotely or in a hybrid mode, into the TCS culture.

The company has recently announced its plans to hire 40,000 fresh graduates in this financial year, and has no layoffs planned.

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