The TCS receives partial relief in discrimination lawsuit

One of the plaintiff's three accusations was dismissed, narrowing the lawsuit's scope


In an ongoing lawsuit, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), has received a some respite. The lawsuit was filed against the Indian IT company in a US court located in New Jersey alleging discrimination and breaching of visa regulations.

The lawsuit was initiated by Shawn Katz, who was associated with the company for nine years. He claimed that he was experiencing unequal consequences due to his race and that he was subjected to illegal employment practices based on his race and nationality. He also mentioned that the Indian IT firm engages in systematic bias against candidates and workers who are not of South Asian or Indian origin, in matters pertaining to recruitment, assignment of projects, dismissal from job, and promotions

He requested both injunctive and declaratory actions along with compensation for damages. In reaction, TCS submitted a motion to have the case dismissed. However, the New Jersey court decided not to proceed with Katz’s allegations based on race, as he could not provide sufficient evidence to support this claim. 

Furthermore, in the recent ruling, the court stated that company’s policies pertaining to benching, recruitment, and dismissal with the intention of optimising visa-holders, doesn’t appear to be impartial on the surface. Additionally, the court has reduced the scope of the lawsuit by dismissing one out of the three accusations made by the plaintiff. The remaining two accusations will continue to be pursued.

The lawsuit was officially submitted to the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey on December 7th.

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