Two months’ salary for HEC employees as Diwali bonus

All the officials and employees will get their salaries credited within the next two days


The employees and officials of the Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC) will get two months’ salary as Diwali bonus. The decision is a part of the government’s plan to assist its employees amid the upcoming festivities, including Diwali and Chhath. Additionally, it will ensure the effective functioning of HEC.

All the officials and employees will get their salaries credited within the next two days.

The Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC), an industrial company, based in India, was established in 1958. It plays a pivotal role in the country’s heavy- engineering sector, specialising in the design, manufacturing and repair of various heavy machinery and equipment. It is also known for its contributions to sectors such as steel, defence and power.

The government requested the Ministry of Heavy Industries and senior management to provide three months’ salary, initially. However, an agreement was reached with the Ministry and management for two months’ salary.

Along with the advance salaries, more discussions revolved around the need to promptly kick-start the provident fund (PF) and establish a medical insurance system. Furthermore, it has been agreed upon that a high-level meeting is scheduled for the upcoming week to investigate potential strategies for improving the future prospects of HEC.

Notably, HEC employees are confronting a challenging situation, as they are owed approximately 21 months’ salary. This outstanding salary issue has fuelled ongoing protests and demonstrations among the employees.

The concerned employees are demanding that their financial grievances be addressed in order to maintain workplace stability and employee welfare.


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