Veolia introduces ‘Veolia Cares’ employee benefits programme

The benefits will be effective from the first day of employment without any restrictions on availability


Veolia, a French ecological transformation company, has rolled out ‘Veolia Cares,’ an extensive package of employee benefits. The primary focus of the programme is to provide care, security and employee well-being.

The programme is tailored for its workforce in the Near & Middle East region.

Anchored in five core principles, including parental leave, health coverage, bereavement benefits, assistance for caregivers, and volunteer days, Veolia Cares stands out for its inclusivity.

Under parental leave, the company will allow a minimum of 10 weeks of fully paid leave to new mothers, and a week of fully paid leave to the father. This benefit begins on the first day of employment and has no restrictions on its availability.

Similarly, under the health coverage, Veolia Cares will provide medical and hospital coverage to all employees, including part-timers. The coverage will start from the first day on the job.

In the unfortunate event of an employee’s death, the programme will ensure immediate help to the family equal to six months’ basic salary, regardless of the cause of death. It is also available to all employees, including part-time staff, from their first day of employment.

The Support for Carers policy will permit employees to take leave when they have an urgent need to care for a seriously ill family member. It extends to all employees providing care to close relatives facing dependency or severe illness, facilitating the utilisation of accrued leave entitlements for this purpose.

Likewise, the Volunteer’s Day policy is aimed at resolving to motivate employees to actively participate and collaborate with charitable and community organisations.

In response to the launch, Pascal Grante, CEO, Veolia Near & Middle East, expressed how the programme contributes significantly to the renowned quality of service associated with Veolia. The rollout of Veolia Cares seamlessly aligns with the firm’s strategic mission as the global standard-bearer for ecological transformation, and it will further enhance our efforts in fostering a progressive and prosperous future for all.

Veolia Group aspires to be the leading company in ecological transformation. With a global workforce of nearly 2,20,000 employees, the Group develops and delivers innovative solutions for water, waste, and energy management that are both practical and impactful.

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