How this energy company is championing employee inclusivity & engagement

Jakson Green has successfully woven together a tapestry of nationalities, seamlessly addressing talent-acquisition challenges while fostering a deeply engaged work environment through innovative employee-engagement policies


In today’s competitive business landscape, fostering an inclusive and engaging work environment is not just a feel-good initiative; it’s a strategic imperative. Jakson Green, a new energy-transition platform backed by the renewable major Jakson Group, exemplifies this philosophy. As they expand their global footprint, they’re not only attracting top talent from diverse backgrounds but also cultivating a culture that fosters employee engagement and fuels sustained growth.

Weaving a diverse tapestry

Jakson Green’s commitment to inclusivity starts at the recruitment stage. With operations across continents, they actively seek talent from various nationalities, tapping into diverse skillsets and perspectives. “We target expertise in different regions and leverage local talent pools,” explains Milmil Das, head-HR, Jakson Green, “This ensures a culturally integrated team with varied viewpoints.”

Their strategic approach involves collaborating with outsourcing partners and using social media platforms to build a pipeline of skilled professionals. For international projects, they meticulously assess contractual requirements and recruit talent globally. “We determine resource needs and qualifications for technical and commercial roles,” reveals Das. Leadership positions in large projects see targeted recruitment for roles like quality head, safety head, and HR head.

Navigating complex hiring scenarios, the company adheres to local laws, reviews contractual criteria, and assesses transfer possibilities. When restrictions hinder external hiring, they strategically target talent from companies already operating in the specific location.

“We target expertise in different regions and leverage local talent pools. This ensures a culturally integrated team with varied viewpoints.”

Milmil Das, head-HR, Jakson Green

This comprehensive strategy has resulted in a workforce of over 150 individuals from overseas locations. “We utilise market expertise, target specific companies, create pipelines, and leverage social platforms for recruitment,” says Das with pride.

Nurturing engagement through innovation

Jakson Green understands that attracting talent is only half the battle. Retaining and engaging a diverse workforce requires innovative initiatives. One such example is the ‘Buddy Programme,’ which pairs new employees with experienced colleagues for 90 days. These mentors guide them through the company culture, processes, and set initial goals. Regular check-ins and feedback sessions create a supportive environment, fostering open communication and addressing concerns promptly.

Furthermore, a three-layer feedback system and ‘skip-level meetings’ ensure comprehensive performance evaluation and employee satisfaction. Employees can appeal to the HR department for facilitated discussions beyond immediate manager feedback. Skip-level meetings empower them to escalate concerns directly to higher-ups, ensuring their voices are heard and issues are addressed at various organisational levels. “Accessibility is key,” asserts Das. “Everyone should feel comfortable expressing concerns or ideas, regardless of their position.”

Investing in growth and well-being

To retain talent, the company conducts rigorous exit interviews, gaining insights into employee experiences and areas for improvement. “Personalised discussions help us understand the root causes of dissatisfaction,” explains Das. “This data-driven approach allows us to address underlying concerns proactively.”

Additionally, they offer comfortable accommodations, quality catering, and reliable transportation for on-site and remote workers, creating a conducive work environment. “The leadership’s monthly visits demonstrate a hands-on approach,” says Das. “This not only enhances satisfaction but also reinforces a sense of inclusivity and appreciation for challenging work.”

Empowering through learning

Jakson Green prioritises continuous learning and skill development at all levels. Through annual training needs analysis, employees nominate themselves for various programmes, while the leadership team identifies critical training aligned with business priorities.

The ‘High Flyer’ programme equips high-potential employees for leadership roles, while technical training partnerships, both internal and external, address evolving industry needs. “We invest in our employees’ development to propel individual and company success,” enunciates Das. This commitment extends to programmes such as the ‘Jakson Manager Leadership Journey,’ creating pathways for growth at various career stages.

Transparency and ethical practices

Jakson Green fosters a culture of transparency where employees feel empowered to voice concerns. Their ‘Whistleblower Policy’ provides a confidential platform for reporting wrongdoings. “Transparency is crucial for a healthy work environment,” emphasises Das. “Our policy ensures everyone has a voice, contributing to our commitment to ethical practices.”

By prioritising employee needs and actively seeking their input, Jakson Green cultivates a positive and inclusive workplace culture. Their focus on sustainability extends beyond power generation; it encompasses the well-being, development, and ethical fabric of their workforce. As Das concludes, “Our success is measured not just in megawatts but in the growth and satisfaction of our people.”

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