Author: Anjan Bhowmick


Anjan Bhowmick is the Executive director & organisation development for Asia and Australia markets at The Reinsurance Group of America Inc. Apart from this, he is also an HR Instructor with the ILR School, Cornell University and member of McKinsey Executive Panel.

Deliberate choices don’t guarantee complete control or satisfaction. Life sometimes takes over, whether it’s parents’ dementia, or a teenager’s car accident or a successful ride in our careers. Then we look at the rear-view mirror and realise it’s too late to take a detour and start all over again. This is the feeling most senior executives tend to experience at the zenith of their career. When Melody Wilding, a renowned performance coach, in her work Think like an Executive coined the three psychological skills sets for a senior leader, namely realistic optimism, ambiguous tolerance and emotional regulation, little did we…

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