Author: Partha Neog


Partha Neog is passionate about employee engagement and benefits. He takes keen interest in HR Technology. Currently, he is CEO and co-founder, Vantage Circle.

Engaged employees are definitely happier, not just at the workplace but also at home. How many times have we heard this? Employee engagement has become very important to organisations today. Companies across the world have become aware of and are opening up to employee engagement tools. But what exactly is the goal? Employee engagement is described as the extent to which employees are passionate about their work, are committed to the organisation, and put in extra effort into their work. So, when companies become serious about employee engagement, is it only because they wish to retain their employees? Retention depends…

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Google offers most of its products free because it is able to make money from the brands that advertise on it. Brands that want to reach out to audiences are willing to pay huge sums of money to Google. Imagine if something similar happens with your company. Now, imaging brands have the opportunity to reach out to your employees in a similar manner. Employees are the most-sought-after category of target audience today because of their buying power as well as the virality that takes place within the company. Brands have been advertising their wares for ages now, at times even…

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