‘Crying is self-expression not breakdown’: Vineeta Singh, CEO, Sugar

A video of Singh that went viral on social media shows her saying that people should not freak out if they see a woman crying at the workplace on receiving feedback


It is Vineeta Singh’s opinion that crying is just a manner of self-expression for women and should not be considered as a breakdown at the workplace. Singh, who is the founder and CEO of Sugar Cosmetics, believes in women’s equality and is known for her open views that she shares on social media.

A clip from a recent podcast — which Singh also shared on Twitter— showing her talking about crying being a means of self-expression for women, has triggered a debate on social media as to whether crying at the workplace should be considered normal or just a sign of feminine weakness.

Singh is of the opinion that just because a woman professional chooses to express herself by crying after receiving feedback, she should not be looked down upon as weak or suffering from a breakdown. Crying, according to her, should be treated as a normal reaction from a sincere, genuine and passionate worker.

She goes on to say that the sight of a woman crying post feedback should not freak anyone out or stop anyone from giving her further feedback.

Singh has managed to increase her fan following for her remark implying that women should not be treated any differently just because they get teary and overwhelmed. She clarifies that women do not want to feel embarrassed about crying nor do they wish to gain any sympathy by shedding tears.

In her own words, “Crying it out is an important coping mechanism for a lot of women and it just helps us release the pain and come back stronger!”

Singh was part of the panel of judges on Shark Tank India, a reality television show that sees aspiring entrepreneurs presenting their business ideas to the judges and convincing them to invest in their business.

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