Survey details new trends in employee behaviour in India

The post pandemic workforce have made their demands known and expect organisations to adjust accordingly.


A survey done on 33,000 workers across countries suggests seven out of ten employees seek flexibility in their working hours.

According to the report, in India 76.07 per cent of employees would be willing to take a pay cut if that meant they would have the option to work remotely or be able to alternate between home and the office.

The report also added that 76.38 per cent of employees would begin to look for new jobs if they were forced to work full time.

Ideas like the introduction of a flextime system and the potential restructuring of employee workweeks to four days would have been scoffed at a few years ago but, currently, are worth serious consideration to retain and attract the best talent.

People who work from home are also discussing career advancement opportunities with their companies more frequently.

The data further suggests that around 73 per cent of the employees surveyed believe that even when working from home, employees are noticed and adequately appreciated, and 74 per cent believe that employers are receptive to discussions regarding upskilling and training requirements.

56 per cent of workers report feeling supported by their bosses regarding their mental health at work, even when working from home.

According to the report, introducing HR management tools and platforms that enable visibility on HR data could simplify decision-making, foster a more cohesive internal culture, and increase trust and loyalty between employers and employees.

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