About 350 employees laid off at Uber

This is the third round of layoffs at the Company this year, and has affected the advanced technologies group the most.


Around 350 Uber employees were laid off on 14 October, most of whom belonged to the advanced technologies group (ATG) of the ride-hailing company. This unit works on the self-driving cars.

The global rides and platform teams are also impacted, along with the performance marketing and recruiting teams of Uber Eats.

It is reported that the staff members are rather upset and feel cheated as even marketing personnel who were led to believe that they would be playing a significant role in the Company’s future have been asked to leave. About 400 marketing personnel were asked to leave across its offices globally in July.

In September, it laid off 435 people from its engineering and product groups.

With this downsizing, Uber hopes to identify and do away with duplication of work, and ensure high performance standards. Right now, according to its CEO, steps need to be taken to eradicate bureaucracy and focus should be given to direct feedback and taking action the moment it is felt that work is not up to the mark or things are not going as expected.

The Company has been trying in vain to cut costs and achieve profits ever since its IPO in May this year. Passenger fares have also been hiked as part of that initiative, which has resulted in its share prices improving, after having dipped drastically about four months back.

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