AI Engineering plans to recruit 1,000 employees

AIESL, currently employs around 5,000 employees


To enhance its capabilities, the state-owned AI Engineering Services (AIESL) plans to add 1000 employees to its team existing team of 5000. The fresh hiring will be done in the upcoming months, bringing its total workforce to 6,000, as stated by a senior company executive.

The decision comes as the company wishes to support the growth of India’s aviation sector as it’s one of the fastest-growing aviation market. With domestic carriers having ordered approximately 1,600 aircraft, and airlines expanding their fleets, there will also be an increased demand for aviation services in India soon.

AI Engineering Services is a prominent participant in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) sector. The company aims to secure additional funding to enhance its capabilities, as the government intends to disinvest in the organisation.

As indicated on its website, AIESL offers a comprehensive range of services, including base and line maintenance, as well as the refurbishment of landing gear, avionics accessories, and various components. Following the disinvestment of Air India last year, AIESL is now under the ownership of AI Assets Holding.

In a statement to the media, Sharad Agarwal, CEO, AI Engineering Services, shares they are aware of the necessity to broaden their capabilities to encompass new aircraft and engine categories, necessitating capital infusion.

According to Agarwal, AIESL has been consistently generating an annual revenue of approximately Rs 2,000 crore over the past three years. Moreover, the company possesses hangar facilities for 30 aircraft, including space for 10 wide-body planes.

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