Amazon offers voluntary resignation scheme

The last day to accept this offer is 29 November, 2022


According to an internal memo sent by Amazon, the technology company has offered voluntary severance to certain employees. CNBC has viewed the internal document.

The voluntary severance offer has been made to employees in several departments including human resources and employee services.

Those who accept this offer will receive three months of salary in addition to a week’s salary for every six months they have stayed with the company.

In addition, employees who opt for this voluntary severance will get a weekly stipend for 12 weeks, which can be used to offset COBRA premiums, and their insurance will continue through the end of December.

Employees can accept this offer by 29 November 2022, and those who have happen to change their mind in between can also take back the offer by 5 December.

Post this, Amazon will decide who is going and who will stay. Those whose resignations are accepted, will be informed next month, and their last working day will be 23 December.

The severance package marks the beginning of layoffs of 10,000 employees, announced by Amazon last week. Apparently, the Company has asked many people to find another job in the next two months, which suggests that it is giving some time to the employees before firing them.

Apparently, the Company has also fired people from devices such as Alexa voice assistant, retail division and human resources.


  1. Looks fair compared to several other companies who have treated so called human resource as an asset as scrap. Many in USA with families are impacted due to their visa status.

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