Deluge of resignations at Axis Bank

The pressure to drive growth and massive restructuring has led to most of the exits

axis bank

The past few months have seen about 15000 employees quitting Axis Bank. Most of those who have resigned are mid- and branch-level executives who were struggling to cope with the pressure to drive growth.

With the various functions of the Bank having been reorganised completely, most executives were left unclear about their work and what was expected of them. The change in culture had also made many of the older executives feel out of sync.
Now that many senior executives at the branches have resigned, business and customer servicing and general day-to-day functioning may be impacted for a while.
Presently, the Bank has a workforce strength of about 70,000, which it plans to enlarge by focussing on hiring in line with its expansion plans. It has seen a significant rise in hiring too this fiscal, having hired about 28,000 people. It is gearing up to hire about 4000 more. Axis Bank also plans to recruit about 30,000 employees in the next two financial years.

In April last year, the Bank had laid off over 50 mid-level managers as part of a massive restructuring to cut costs under Amitabh Chaudhry, who had taken over as the new CEO in January, 2019. Chaudhry had completely changed the organisational structure, taken on new people and altered the business strategy. He had changed the orientation of the bank towards low risk and high growth.

By bringing in new people on board and reducing the responsibilities of some of the existing senior executives then, the new CEO had left many of the older employees uncertain, insecure and uneasy. The spate of resignations had probably been triggered then.


  1. Day by day organization are facing external / internal challenges and the pressure on leaders is quite high to prove that they can turn around the organization or maintain their margins. So called cost optimization or cost reduction hit less on general overheads but on people. Employees hiring & training will get chopped first than less increment or delay increment will be next move….People are soft target and act as commodity in the game hence are fired easily or situation are created for them to leave in deep stress.
    Disrupting and recreation has its risk. It can make the organization or break the organization.
    Leaders / owners , please be sensitive to hire just right HC with right skills. Handle challenges of profitability with new ways. Do not disrupt to leave frustrated stressful jobless people around to become a negative society.

  2. Hello,
    One of worst Bank which I have come across, which lack Organization skills, and Team work, to maintain the employees in cool manner.
    My wife is getting stress at work , and asking for Business Daily LI’s and SIP’s.
    And she is getting late up to 8-9 p.m.
    I like to complain to the nearest police station about the Branch opening after 6 p.m.
    Horrible people,
    I can understand the pressure of the Managers , But Employee safety is more important than your SIP’s and LI login days
    My only concern is in this pandemic they are asking the employees to go out and get Business, after working hours! Aren’t your employees are Humans!
    If Business is not happening , they are not sending the employees after working hours .
    We speak about woman safety, But letting your female workforce to go after 8 p.m. will not come under safety. Who will be responsible , Bank or who is going to take care of it.

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