Facebook to hire journalists for its News Tab

The team of less than 10 (for now) is being put together for the upcoming News Tab, most of whom will be working from the US.


Facebook is planning to hire senior journalists for its upcoming product called News tab. The social-media platform is reportedly going to appoint a small team of under 10 journalists to curate top and breaking news each day. Other sections will be curated through algorithms analysing users’ last or recent page views and clicks.

The role of these journalists will be to curate news and not give headlines or writing stories.

There has been a lot of talk around automation and people losing jobs, as technology takes over. However, there are still some areas in every role and function which need human intervention.

It is reported that the full-time journalists will be mainly based in the US and one single journalist will be stationed in the UK.

The company has been in the news for all the wrong reasons of late. Apparently, algorithm technology has been promoting misleading news and information in its earlier trending section. Also, at times, boring and irrelevant topics have been featured in that section.

The News Tab section will be separate from the news feed section.

Facebook is not the only company giving national news to its users. Apple also launched Apple News, for which it hired a 30-member team.

Clearly, technology can merely act as an enabler to fulfil the roles and functions in business. Human intervention is a must to make the right impact.

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