Four lakh jobs in infrastructure, e-commerce and electric vehicle sectors for engineers

These new-age sectors are expected to expand in 2019 and will be on the lookout for engineers.


There is good news for engineers in 2019! Three new-age sectors — infrastructure, e-commerce and electric vehicles — are expected to expand and will be on the lookout for good engineers in the next few years. These sectors are reportedly all set to increase their workforce by almost four lakhs!

For engineers, obtaining the perfect job has always been a challenge. For most it is a process of trial and error. While some just grab the job that pays the maximum, others rely on their gut feel and passion while choosing a job. There are pros and cons to both these approaches. In recent times there has been a paucity of jobs for engineers in the country, with many students passing out of engineering colleges opting to take up bank jobs.

But 2019 looks to be a promising year for engineers. With rapid digitisation taking place, even non-tech businesses will now be on the lookout for expertise. Top engineers as well as IT professionals can look forward to ample job opportunities and a whole new and diverse range of jobs, due to the onset of the fourth industrial revolution and the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence.

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