Government plans to hire outsiders for management positions, to run Air India professionally

According to the new ‘refresh strategy’, long-haul planes as well as trained professionals will be brought in to run the national carrier more efficiently.


In order to revive the ailing national carrier, Air India, the Indian government is now looking at a four-pronged strategy. It will implement some organisational changes, by bringing in governance reforms, strengthening its workforce, and introducing a financial package as well as a refresh strategy. Air India will also hire people from outside for key posts, to ensure more professionalism in the running of the Airline.

The refresh strategy, called Maharajah Direct, will make Air India a global long-haul carrier with support from a domestic network. As per the plans, long-haul planes as well as trained professionals will be brought in to run the Airline.

The move comes after a failed attempt at divesting 76 per cent stake in the Carrier earlier this year. Now, the Government plans to transfer loans of Rs 29,000 crore from Air India’s balance sheet to bring down its interest burden by about Rs 2,700 crore. The financial package has a new equity factor, for which a request for approval will be made as part of an additional grant in the current session of the Parliament.

The Government recognises the need to recruit externally to make the Airline capable of competing globally. Once the Department of Public Enterprise and the Finance Ministry grant permission, Air India will be able to hire outsiders in management positions to run the Airline in a more professional manner.


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