Infosys to hire people with non-engineering degrees

The Company will be hiring creative people with design skills and knowledge of liberal arts .


Infosys, the Indian international software services company, will now be hiring people with a non-engineering background. The Company is seeking people who have studied liberal arts and possess design skills and creativity, to help create new digital applications.

Of late, IT firms such as Infosys in India have been involved in projects where creating solutions requires working in close proximity with the clients, with the primary focus being user experience. For work of this nature, creativity and knowledge of liberal arts is as important as scientific expertise.

While in the past IT companies used to recruit thousands of software engineers to develop computer codes and support infrastructure for their clients, of late the scenario has changed. With the massive shift to digital, there is a demand for applications for smartphones that offer users an experience that is as good as any consumer app, people with knowledge in design and data analytics are much sought after.

It is reported that Infosys is investing in hiring people with non-tech specialisations, and has already begun hiring candidates with these skills. In the last year and a half, it has recruited more than 7,000 in the US, of which approx. 30 per cent possess non-engineering degrees. The Company is reportedly planning to recruit more such people in the US as well as in India.

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