Remote job opps with global firms for Indian CAs

Entry-level CAs will be in demand soon with more companies opening up to remote offshore accounting roles


There was a time when owing to the high level of confidentiality involved in accounting firms, the very thought of shifting accounting work offshore was never entertained. However, ever since the pandemic, this unwillingness has been discarded. With options to protect data and advanced cyber security technology available now, more accounting firms are looking at offshore options.

That means, Indian accounting professionals even if they are still in the process of clearing their CA levels can hope to gain meaningful employment with global accounting firms. The demand for offshore accounting professionals is reported to be growing slowly and steadily. With not many organisations within the country hiring yet, Indian accounting professionals can expect to gain from remote opportunities abroad.

Not just large organisations, but even small and mid-sized companies from countries, such as Canada and the US, are willing to offer work to offshore accounting professionals.

Given the fact that more than 3,000 Indians clear the Group I exam annually, and over 5,000 clear the Group II, there are at least a thousand accounting professionals available for the taking, who have taken the exam, and hence, are qualified. This kind of quality accounting talent, especially knowing that the ICAI exams in India are the toughest to crack, is not available anywhere else in the world.

Also, since not all global accounting firms can think of setting up office in India, hiring remotely from here is an option they can definitely look at.

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