SkyKick has reduced headcount by 140

The Microsoft cloud tools vendor has resorted to layoffs because of the unfavourable market conditions


SkyKick, the Microsoft cloud tools vendor, has had to take the difficult decision of reducing its workforce size by about 140 employees, globally, with 98 being asked to leave from the US office. The Seattle-based firm that offers tools to help migrate to Microsoft 365, has stated the unfavourable market conditions for this difficult decision.

SkyKick maintains that the decision is good for the firm in the long run and will ensure success for its partners as well.

Todd Schwartz, co-CEO of Seattle-based SkyKick – said that the layoff was a “tough decision” and due to “current market conditions.

The firm had managed to raise $130 million in funds in 2021. At the time it had a 250-strong team. It is reported that SkyKick has over 30,000 partners globally.

Interestingly, this layoff is happening close on the heels of SkyKick updating its platform. Not long ago, it had revealed that the update to its cloud management platform was the biggest ever in the firm’s history. This enhancement had resulted in enhanced data-protection as well as personalised security insights to benefit small and medium businesses offering various services.

Among those laid off are software engineers, sales managers, account executives, product engineers,support managers, software development engineers, business analysts and marketing managers. Some of those let go have been associated with the platform for a decade.

SkyKick has operations in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia as well as India among other locations.

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