10% job reservation to EWS in Telangana

The limit of annual income to be eligible for EWS quota is yet to be decided


Government of Telangana will reserve 10 per cent seats for the economically weaker sections (EWS) of the State, in jobs as well as academic institutions. The issue will be finalised soon and relevant orders issued to this effect so that the new job notifications will have the reservation enforced.

The Central government has set a limit of Rs 8 lakh as the eligibility for EWS status, to avail reservation, but the states have been given the liberty to change the limit in accordance with the local situations and environment. In January 2020, the Centre had enforced 10 per cent reservation to EWS sections in all higher educational institutions sponsored by the Central government and also in all UPSC and Staff Selection Commission (SSC) jobs.

Telangana may push up the income limit for the weaker classes amongst the forward classes, to 9 or 10 lakhs, in consultation with legal experts. Those who are already benefitting from reservation will continue to do so.

Currently, 50 per cent reservation is being implemented for the scheduled castes (SC), scheduled tribes (ST) and backward tribes (BT) and Muslims, including Brahmins, Pathans, Reddys, Komatis and Syed Muslims in the State . With 10 per cent reservation to the EWS, the reservation percentage in Telangana will be increased to 60 per cent.

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