80% employees in Qatar to return to office from June 18

The country is slowly relaxing COVID-related restrictions


Qatar’s cabinet has allowed up to 80 per cent of employees in the public- and private-sector offices to return to office starting June 18. The rest will be expected to continue working from home. The restrictions pertaining to the COVID are being lifted gradually.

This decision, however, does not apply to those working in the security, military and health sectors.

Starting June 18, malls and food courts will also be allowed to reopen. Weddings will be allowed to take place with a limited guest list and with protocols in place.

However, those who have not been vaccinated or have taken only one dose of the vaccine have to get themselves examined and tested every week and carry the report with them.

Meetings at the workplace with be restricted to 15 people at max. Only five people who have taken only a single dose of the vaccine will be allowed in such meetings, not more. Meetings that require participation of over 15 people are advised to be held online.

Masks will be compulsory for all citizens once they step out of the house. For majlis gatherings at houses, ten vaccinated people are allowed. In case of non-vaccinated people, only five will be allowed to gather. Outside the house, about 20 people who are vaccinated are allowed to gather and only 10 who are not vaccinated can gather.

Mosques will be open for offering of prayers, but those below the age of 7 will not be allowed entry.

In May, Qatar had decided to lift COVID-related restrictions in four phases, starting on May 28 and ending July 30.

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