918 MSRTC employees have been suspended for joining the strike

For the 13th day, the MSRTC staff continue to strike while all bus depots remain shut.


The staff of the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) has been on strike for 13 days consecutively. All MSRTC depots remain shut, which has naturally caused passengers to face challenges. With this development, the corporation has suspended 542 employees. Earlier, the corporation suspended over 300 employees last week. As of now, 918 employees have been suspended for joining the strike.

The MSRTC employees have been sitting on strike and not reporting to work since October 28. The staff is demanding that MSRTC be merged with the state government and all employees should be given the same benefits as enjoyed by any state government employee in Maharashtra.

Since the corporation and the union leaders have failed to reach any closure in this matter, the MSRTC staff have been protesting and have been on indefinite strike.

Taking charge of the situation, a vacation bench of the Bombay High Court, constituting Justice SJ Kathawalla and Justice SP Tavade ordered the state government of Maharashtra to form a three-member committee to resolve the issue. In the order, the bench directed that the managing director of MSRTC would act as a coordinator to the committee and assist the committee in the decision-making process. However, he would not hold any power in the process.

The High Court had called for the agitation to be brought to an end, but despite a restraining order, it has continued.

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