Amazon India: Layoffs impact web services and HR teams

The current round of layoffs will impact approximately 400-500 employees


Amazon India has recently conducted a new round of layoffs that have affected employees working across its Web Services (AWS) and people experience and technology solutions (PXT) divisions. The current round of layoffs will impact approximately 400-500 employees.

As per the media reports, the ongoing downsizing at Amazon India is connected to the layoffs announcement made by Andy Jassy, CEO, Amazon, in March. Jassy had revealed plans to impact around 9,000 employees with these layoffs and now the affected individuals within the Indian teams are being informed about their job terminations.

It has been reported that the e-commerce giant has let go of 100 people from the PXT division where PXT refers to Amazon’s human resources team and is considered one of the more vulnerable verticals in terms of job cuts. Additionally, it is also revealed that over 80 people from data management teams were terminated on Friday. 

Coming to the severance packages, all the affected employees have been offered a standard package, and there would also be continued medical insurance coverage.

In a late April internal memo, Adam Selipsky, CEO, AWS, revealed that the layoffs at AWS would initiate with teams in North America and subsequently extend globally. Selipsky cited the deceleration in AWS revenue growth and the prevailing macroeconomic conditions as the primary factors contributing to the downsizing efforts.

The company experienced significant growth in recent years due to the high demand for cloud services and the unique value provided by AWS, however, considering this fast-paced expansion and the current business and macroeconomic environment, Selipsky also emphasised the importance of identifying and allocating resources to the top priorities that have the greatest impact on customers and the company’s overall progress.

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