Amazon launches talent development programme for armed forces


The company will not only mentor and support ex-armed forces personnel but also provide them networking opportunities.

In the US, Amazon is one of the top employers of ex-military personnel. The online retail company has launched a similar programme in India as well. On the eve of Independence day, Amazon has tied up with the Directorate General of Resettlement, Ministry of Defence, to reach out to the community of ex-service personnel and those who are in the process of being relieved from their duties in the next 2–3 months.

Through the programme called Amazon Military Talent Partnership, the online retailer will hire ex-servicemen and their spouses to play key roles in the company. In addition, the company has also started a group within the organisation, called Amazon Warriors, which aims to help ex-armed forces

Raj Raghavan

personnel to experience a smooth transition into the Amazon family. The group will mentor and support these new hires and provide them with networking opportunities within Amazon.

Raj Raghavan, director, country HR leader, Amazon India, says in an official communique, “Our leadership principles resonate with those who have served the country. Their missionary zeal on completing a mission and delivering on their commitments within a given deadline resonates with our customer-obsession.”

“We have several ex-servicemen who have made successful careers at Amazon India and we believe their skill and leadership is invaluable for our high-growth environment,” he adds.


  1. A masterstroke.Armed Forces personnel’s with their “Duty -unto – Death” philosophy are the most suited work force for supply chain management. This initiative writes a new chapter for the amazon forces – The True Marching Glory.

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