Amazon staff in US angered by 3-Day workweek

The issue is that this mail mentioning that some individuals were not adhering to the mandate of being in office thrice a week, was also sent out to the employees who were actually complying


Amazon employees in the US have received a mail to work from the office three days a week. The e-commerce firm has sent out this letter to the employees kind of questioning why they are not complying with the work-from-office mandate.  What has irked the employees is the fact that this warning mail has also been sent to the employees who have been complying with the mandate.

The mail points out how people are not adhering to the mandate of being in office thrice a week, despite the buildings  allocated to them being ready. The mail was uploaded on an anonymous company forum called Blind.

While some employees, especially the ones already meeting the attendance requirement, are angry about the mail, others think it is an error in the system that caused the attendance warning mail to go to even those who had no attendance issue.

 Following the responses from employees, Amazon went on to clarify the criteria based on which the email was sent to the employees. It was dispatched to employees who, over the period of eight weeks, had showed up in the offices allocated to them for less than three days a week for at least five weeks or had failed to meet this attendance requirement for three or more of the last four weeks.

The company admitted that even though it had made efforts to ensure that the mail went to the right recipients, that is, those who had failed to fulfil the mandate, a technical error may have caused it to go to others as well. Amazon has requested employees to contact their managers to address the situation and make sure the system has the right info about their attendance.

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