Another round of layoffs at Cisco

The decision comes as a part of company’s rebalancing strategy


As a part of rebalancing initiative, Cisco has recently implemented a series of job cuts impacting employees across various business divisions. The exact number of job cuts have still not been clarified, however, the company clarified that this rebalancing endeavour is focused on prioritising investments in their transformation to better meet and surpass their customers’ expectations in the evolving technology landscape.

After the news, numerous former and current Cisco employees took to social media platforms, expressing their accounts of internal layoffs that were announced during this week.

As confirmed from Cisco employees on the anonymous professional forum Blind, certain business units reportedly impacted by the layoffs include Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), Cisco Collaboration, Cisco Data Centre Services & Solutions, Cisco Experience Centres (CxC), Cisco Security Business Group (SBG), Cisco Servers, and Webex.

A former employee mentioned that they discovered their inclusion in the layoff list from a senior manager who had attended a meeting with their director. They expressed dissatisfaction with the toxic and controlling work environment in their team and stated a lack of interest in continuing to work there. They also expressed stress due to the current sluggish job market.

Another user reported that software engineers are among those affected by the layoffs at the company.

As mentioned in one of the comments, several US-based directors have been let go. Despite the growth potential in the data centre market (as observed with Arista), Cisco is still implementing knowledge-based layoffs.

Another commenter highlighted that, in their opinion, Collab China engineering is the most heavily impacted this time, with over 400 people affected by the layoffs.

As per many media reports, Cisco implemented a similar round of layoffs earlier in 2022 that affected both their real estate portfolio and approximately 5 per cent of their workforce. Furthermore, the company underwent a major round of layoffs, impacting more than 4,000 employees later the same year as a part of its $600 million restructuring plan.

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