Apple manufacturing plant in India to create more jobs


The American technology company plans to set up a plant in Karnataka.

India is one of the fastest growing smartphone markets in the world. Seeing this huge opportunity, Apple has planned to set up a manufacturing unit in Karnataka in the coming days. The new manufacturing unit will also help Apple cut costs as the labour in India is comparatively cheaper.

The plan of setting the plant is still being discussed with the central and state governments as there are some issues to be resolved.

When this manufacturing unit comes up, it will help create more employment in the state and also boost investment.

The Karnataka Industry Minister R V Deshpande has assured full support to Apple in setting up the proposed plant. Concerned about the job situation in the state, he is encouraging companies to invest in the State.

Speaking about the proposed manufacturing unit, the Minister said that Apple’s investment will help create employment in the State. He felt it was necessary to encourage investment to improve  job opportunities for the vast human resources available, and also to realise the goal of  ‘Make in India’.

Apple has asked for some concession to set up the manufacturing plant in the country. The problem is that the rules have to be the same for all the industry players, and cannot be molded to benefit one and leave out the others.

However, if the iPhone and iPad giant clears all formalities and establishes the manufacturing unit in the State, it will definitely give a huge boost to employment.


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