At 48%, IT function highest contributor to active jobs

Active jobs are recovering faster in tier-2 cities and non-metros than in the top 5 metros


While the active job count in August 2021 was four per cent lower than the previous month, at 278K, the closing figures for August 2021 were 26 per cent higher than August 2020. That means, on the whole, the trend is of recovery, reveals the report on the active jobs scenario in the country, by Xpheno. The information technology services sector kept up its image as a reliable recovery sector with a four per cent hike in active jobs count, and that too at a time when other important sectors reflected a dip of two to eight per cent. In fact, the IT function contributed 48 per cent in terms of active jobs.

With software, IT services and internet-enabled sectors’ contributions, the technology sector has collectively registered a minor drop of only under one per cent in terms of active job openings in the month of August 2021.

About 2,29,000 active jobs were on offer in the technology sector! This is the second highest number in the last year and a half after the 2,31,000 jobs that were on offer in July 2021. Engineering comes in second contributing 23 per cent. The sales and BD function contributed 27 per cent in August, compared to 28 per cent in July 2021.

The top five metros together had about 1,23,000 jobs on offer in August, as against the 1,27,000 a month earlier. That means, recovery in the top metros is slower than in the tier-2 cities and non-metros.

Despite the four per cent drop in overall count, August was clearly the strongest month in the present financial year.

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